Pet Grooming For Perkasie, PA

Your pets are important to you and you deserve peace of mind knowing they are taken care of. Let the experts at Katz Dogs K9 & Grooming handle your pet grooming needs with confidence. Our full range of pet grooming and spa services for dogs will leave your pets looking and feeling better than ever. With experienced dog groomers, we know how to keep your pets calm and happy throughout the pampering process. Trust us to treat your pets as if they were our own and you and your pets will be happy with the results.

Groomers You Can Trust!

Katz Dogs K9 Grooming is Bucks County’s premier pet grooming facility. Bathing and grooming rates depend on the size, breed, condition of the coat and individual temperament of the dog or cat. Our groomer has over 25+ years of experience in the grooming field and also the veterinary field, making her have an eye for not only a beautiful groom but if there are any concerns for your dog! 

We offer One-On-One grooming and bathing services by appointment only.

Grooming is offered Tuesday through Friday. 

Our services are listed below:

The Benefits Of Pet Grooming Services

Keeps their coat and skin healthy – Professional pet grooming services will cost you a bit of money, but it’s so worth it because then your pet will look and feel better. Not everyone has the time or expertise to keep their pet’s coat and skin in top shape, which is why investing in professional grooming services is a good idea. There’s also the added benefit of not having to fight your pet while you are trying to bathe them.

Smell good – The investment in pet grooming services will not only have your pet smelling better, but it will also have your home smelling better.
Plus, when your pup smells fresh and clean, you’ll feel even better cuddling up with them on the couch.
Dogs often get a little dirty from playing outdoors or just getting into things around the house, so why not give them a little pampering every once in a while? It’s a win for you and your pet to take them to be cleaned. 
Keeps their nails cut – It’s never good to let your pet’s nails get too long. Long, overgrown nails can also cause pets to develop sore paws or change their posture, leading to joint pain and other problems. Not only could they accidentally scratch a human, but they could also accidentally hurt themselves when they scratch because of an itch. Regular nail trims from a professional groomer can keep your pet’s paws healthy and their posture aligned, reducing their risk of pain and discomfort. Our pet grooming services can include clipping your pet’s nails, just let us know when you bring your pet in.

Overall, investing in professional pet grooming services is a simple and effective way to show your furry friend how much you care.

Full Service Grooming

  • Our Full Service Grooming package includes a bath, dry, full haircut, nail trim, and ear clean. 


  • Small Dogs up to 30lbs: $85 & up
  • Medium Dogs 31-50lbs: $110 & up
  • Large Dogs 51-80lbs: $125 & up
  • XL Dogs 81-110lbs: $140 & up
  • 2XL Dogs: $160 & up


  • $110 and up for short hair
  • $120 and up for long hair 

Extra Matting Charge:

  • $25 & up

Behavioral Fee: 

  • $20 & up

Full Service Bath

Our full service bath package includes a bath, dry, nail trim, and ear clean. 

  • Small Dogs up to 30lbs: $55 & up
  • Medium Dogs 31-50lbs: $65 & up
  • Large Dogs 51-80lbs: $75 & up
  • XL Dogs 81-110lbs: $85 & up
  • 2XL Dogs: $100 & up

Add Ons

  • Deshed Treatment (Available with Groom or Bath)
  • Small Dogs: $25
  • Medium Dogs: $30
  • Large Dogs: $35
  • XL Dogs: $40
  • 2XL Dogs: $45
  • Nail Trim: $15
  • Grind Nails: $20
  • Clean Ears: $15
  • Brush Teeth: $15
  • Sanitary Trim: $20
  • Anal Glands: $10

When you’re ready to book your dog or cat for a spa day, just click the button below! This will take you to our customer portal where you can sign up (or log in if you’ve done this before) and purchase/schedule your dog’s grooming service!