Day Training

2 week course + 2 one on one lessons $1500 (tools & accessories sold separately at facility)

  • Dogs are dropped off Monday – Friday (9:30-10:30a) for 2 consecutive weeks. 
  • Dogs work on basic commands and behaviors (Recall on a leash, Off, Sit with duration, Down with duration, Loose leash walking, and Threshold). 
  • They will have a minimum of 2 Sessions throughout the day to work on training goals for that week. 
  • Each Friday client is to schedule a lesson between 9-5p to learn how to handle and apply what their dogs learned for that week!

Who benefits

Puppies as young as 5 months and older! Owners who want to get the basics down with their dogs but can’t commit to a full board and train.

What does it entail

Dog is dropped off Monday-Friday and learns the basics with a trainer from Katz Dogs K9. They are given a minimum of 2 sessions a day, then on Friday, a lesson is scheduled with the family.

What comes with the program:

2 Weeks of in facility training, also a lesson with the owner at the end of each week. A whatsapp group chat to give updates 3 times a week! Through this chat you may also send post training updates, ask questions, and more! 

What does training look like

  • Week 1: Building a relationship with the trainer, adapting to the facility, recall on leash, loose leash walking, sit with duration, lesson with family 
  • Week 2: On leash recall with more distractions, Down with duration, “off”, lesson with family 

What to expect

  • Updates daily via WhatsApp to communicate progress on training and what to continue at home. 
  • Lessons at the end of each week reviewing some conversations without the dog, then practical work to apply what we talked about with guidance. 
  • Foundations of “essential pet training,” which will be laid at the facility then need to be generalized over to your home by you! 

Is there owner training? How is that done

Daily updates will be given explaining what you can also practice and apply at home! 1 on 1 coaching, answering questions, and giving real-time feedback will occur at lessons with the owner and dog on Friday’s!