One On One Lesson

2 Lesson minimum for $300* (tools & accessories sold separately at facility, trainer can bring with them to lessons).

Our in-home, one-on-one training covers all of the basics:

  • Loose leash walking, on leash recall, threshold control, addressing jumping on people, and much more. 
  • You and your dog will learn hands-on in the comfort of your own home or at our training facility from one of our experienced trainers. 
  • The lessons are an hour long and you will receive real time feedback, coaching, and some homework to continue the progress. 
  • Anyone who regularly plays, walks, or interacts with your dog should be in attendance to learn new tips, tricks, and the plan of action going forward! 
  • We strongly recommend 2 lessons minimally! The first lesson is the trainer demonstrating, coaching you on how you train your dog, and then giving you a week to work on what you’ve learned during the lesson. The second lesson is typically answering any additional questions about what you learned in the first lesson after some solo practice. 
  • We will always expand a bit more off of the work we did in the first lesson as well! 
  • Lessons take place Monday – Friday within the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Our normal radius is 10 miles or under, additional charges for travel will apply if your address is out of that distance! 

2 Lessons

KDK9 requires at least a 2 minimum lesson purchase! The first lesson to teach and coach both you and your dog, then the second lesson to proof owners handling and answer any further questions regarding what we practice. After the 2 lessons are complete, you may either pay for lessons as you go or purchase another 2 lesson package.

These lessons cover your choice of loose leash walking, recall (on and off the leash), minor behavioral training (jumping, counter surfing), puppy do’s/dont’s, obedience with duration, and much more.

$300 in home

$250 at KDK9 facility 

+$50 per additional dog 

*Prices do not include the cost of prong collar and/or e-collar

Who benefits

 Dog and owner as they are learning in their own environment while addressing daily concerns and minor behavioral issues they would like to address 

What does it entail

 Set up a time for a trainer to come out to your home to work with you and your dog individually

What comes with the program:

Coaching and advice in the place of your choosing! Troubleshooting behaviors, and guidance of any questions and concerns  

What does training look like

  • Trainer comes out to a place of your choosing and will give you guidance, steps, and homework to continue progress after the lesson is over. 
  • Typically, the next lesson is addressing any concerns or questions from the first lesson, then working through other areas of concern during the remaining time. 

What to expect

Addressing in home concerns, answering questions on how to address/deter some behaviors, and implementing new commands 

Is there owner training? How is that done

The trainer will demonstrate with the dog how owners should be asking for desired commands/obedience, then they are coached through the motions of achieving said commands/behaviors.