Day Care

Dog Daycare

  • Treat your dog to a day of play in a fun and comfortable environment
  • Dogs who attend daycare regularly can build their socialization skills and keep their minds active. Our facility offers a half or full day of daycare, 7 days a week! 
  • You can set up a one time visit or set up a routine schedule depending on your needs. 
    • A full day of daycare is 5 hours or more: $35 + tax
    • A half day of daycare is 4 hours or less: $25 + tax 
    • Daily Daycare Drop off hours: 6:45a – 9:45a
    • Daily Daycare Pick up hours: 2:00p – 6:00p
  • *Daycare is not available on major holidays, facility is closed to the public*

What does my dog's first day look like?

How do you separate dogs? 

Every daycare dog starts their day acclimating to the facility and the smell of other dogs next to their personal den + outdoor run. Our daycare dogs are divided into 2 groups based on energy level.

  • High Energy Group: tends to be younger dogs, very energetic, and playful/enthusiastic social dogs. 
  • Relax/Laid back Group: tends to be older/middle aged dogs, or dogs who are social but reserved and like to lounge around and sniff after a bit of play. 

A trainer will bring your dog out to the group that both admin and trainer feel is best suitable for them. They are first brought into a small gated area to see initial responses towards the other dogs (with no physical contact possible). They will hang out in this area while the trainer evaluates your dog’s body language, reactions towards other dogs, and also the other dogs reaction to the new dog as well. 

As your dog begins to show positive interest, trainer and dog will enter the daycare yard. 

Trainer will watch interactions amongst the group and your dog! As your dog settles in, the trainer will exit the yard and daycare staff will continue to monitor the new dog and communicate any crucial information on your dog’s behavior with the other dogs or staff! 

After the first round of daycare is completed, your dog returns back to their individual den! This time is given so they can decompress, refresh on their own bowl of fresh water, and take a nap! After some rest, they will go back out into the daycare yard with the group they were in previously! 

When you’re ready to book your dog for daycare, just click the button below! This will take you to our customer portal where you can sign up (or login if you’ve done this before) and purchase your daycare days or package!

Daycare Packages

  • If you find you and your dog become daycare regulars- check out the different packages we offer.
  • After you purchase your daycare package, enjoy a smooth payment free pick up. 
  • As your package gets close to needing a restock, our front desk staff will let you know! 

Fun fact: for every 10 days of daycare you purchase in a package, the you will receive another day free! 

  • 10 days: $330+tax (11 total days)
  • 20 days: $650+tax (22 total days) 
  • 30 days: $870+tax (33 total days) 
  • 40 days: $1,160+tax (44 total days) 


*If you do not make it in time to pick your dog from daycare (6pm the latest), they must stay the night and you will be charged a minimum of $55 for the night of boarding. An additional $5.00 will also be charged for each meal fed by facility food*