About Us


Eric Katz

There were only two things in life my mother said I could never have, a motorcycle and a dog…

Well, fast forward years later and here I am with not only one but two dogs, Rico(left) & Bond(right). People thought I was crazy for raising a dog during college, some of the most important years of my life, but I knew it was the right decision and pushed through. My passion for dogs started as a hobby, but my entrepreneurial spirit moved me to turn it into a business. Along with my business classes, I enrolled in three service dog classes over two years and spent my summers being trained by my mentor, Joe Moldovan, who has over 50 years of experience working with dogs. With him, I learned how to train all types of dogs, from pet dogs to working dogs.I decided to take the plunge to expanded my knowledge and had the opportunity to train under Ivan Balabanov. He is arguably one of the greatest dog trainers of all time. I was very fortunate to be able to spend almost two weeks to learn from him and his concept of Training Without Conflict.

I have always wanted to give back in life and make an impact in this world, and now I am finally able to do that by bridging the gap between humans and dogs. I truly believe that any dog can learn to be a great member of the family with enough guidance and leadership. I look forward to helping you and your dogs!



Sam Allen-Wass

Sam our Coordinator has been hands on with all different kinds of animals! Sam started working with exotics at a young age, raising, handling, and training reptiles, parrots, and all the different fun animals. Eventually, she moved into pet-sitting and was one of the main sitters for Pugs and Kisses. You will normally see her dog Doobie hanging out in the office! Sam had her own pet store under the Pet Valu chain before coming aboard. There she found a passion with animal nutrition, bettering our pets lives. and educating pet parents. At the time of having her store she also became a Certified Pet Nutritionist. Feel free to ask all your pet food questions to Sam- she is certified in both kibble and raw diets!
She is so excited to bring all her knowledge, experience, and of course love to the facility! 


Cindy Heist

Cindy has been grooming dogs and cats for about 25 years. She started out at a veterinary hospital where she was the surgical technician and also helped out when grooming was needed – hat’s how she got the bug to groom for for herself! She and her husband, Lee, then started their own mobile grooming business, Cindy’s Suds N’ Cuts. They had the business for about 10 years when they decided it was time to slow down a bit. They sold the business in 2019 and moved to Perkasie. Cindy soon got bored and needed to find something to do, she took a grooming position at Pet Value for 10 months until they closed and was then introduced to Eric at Katz Dogs K9…and here we are now!

Cindy and Lee have three great dogs: Tori, a 14 year old Maltese, Jolie, a 9 year old Standard Poodle and Louie, a 3 year old Golden Retriever.


Demi Polidori


Vance Sears